1. La La Land

From the recording La La Land


To love me ain't enough I want you there for me
Words are simple things, I like complexity
Show me what you say you want to do for me
I want you-- I don't need you-- I am your blessing
Show me love, cause I don't want to waste my precious time
You keep talking but you gotta show me I ain't blind

Show me love
Show me love
I wont budge
Until you show me love

My energy means everything
I don't want you close if you not best for me
I'm tryna learn who you are
Open up and show me all your battle scars

We get together
It is forever
You don't want no one else

I'm not possessive, this just the message
You are under my spell

Ian (I didn't) even try to trap you the closer we got you fell...in love

Show me love
Show me love